If I could summarise how I work into three words, those would be it.

I’ve taken an unconventional route in life, from quitting school to run a startup, pivoting to social entrepreneurship, to being under employment and funding my own college education - but it has been a rewarding journey of impacting young lives and making things happen through strengthening people.

I make it a personal mission to approach challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit (think differently, move fast, be relentless at work, keep pushing on), and owning what is handed to me as if it is my own baby to raise.

I don’t network; I spark and build relationships. I don’t just study; I learn through curiosity. I don’t lecture; I tell stories. I don’t run programmes; I rally people around experiences. I don’t build products; I solve problems. I don’t do marketing; I make brands human.

I’m also a profiling junkie. It’s amazing how a simple test can say so much. Some of my results:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (16PF): ENTP
  • StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths: Command, Activator, Significance, Futuristic, Achiever
  • Five-Factor Model (Big 5): Openness to experience (78%), Conscientiousness (65%), Extraversion (98%), Agreeableness (45%), Neuroticism (8%)


Current Work:

Chief Operating Officer at Halogen Foundation

Halogen Foundation Singapore is an Institution of Public Character (IPC) charity focusing on building young leaders and entrepreneurs. We aim to make quality leadership and entrepreneurship education available to all young people regardless of their background, race, income, or religion, particularly those who are disadvantaged by way of challenging family backgrounds and/or are on financial assistance. We want to build young leaders and entrepreneurs who are competent, of good character, and have positive mindsets and skillsets to practically change the world in issues they believe in.

Rediscovering my passion for youth development and pairing that with my long-term career goals, I join Halogen Foundation as COO at a very exciting time in the organisation’s growth. Supporting the CEO and CTO in leading the team, my immediate focus areas are on streamlining work processes, adopting a data-first approach, and contributing to the entrepreneurship development offerings under the NFTE programme.


Other Involvements:

Singapore Ambassador at Sandbox

Sandbox is a global community of remarkable young people. We cook up molecular gastronomy, perform pop sonatas, build social empires, and craft radical policy. We bridge geographies and disciplines, designing opportunities for meaningful conversation, collaboration, and discovery. Our members stand at the forefront of global influence. They are entrepreneurs, go-getters, and adventurers. They speak at TED conferences, write best-selling books, and consistently land on “30 under 30” lists. They share a passion for collaboration and a commitment to bettering the world.

I run the Singapore hub, a local hub of the global community. I lead the operations and admissions of the hub activities, as well as manage the membership and the member engagement activities.

Youth Leader at DARE

The Zone is the dynamic youth ministry of New Creation Church, Singapore. It is the best meeting place for building godly relationships, and growing in the revelation of God’s grace in our lives. DARE is a place for secondary school youths to come face to face with a Saviour who loves and celebrates us just as we are.

I serve as a Pastoral Adult Server, leading a group of young people on Sundays in the youth service. As a Christian, serving in the house of God is something I am privileged and blessed to do, and take my responsibilities as the on-the-ground contact point with these youths as a core priority.