Every entity has an ethos - a company, a group of friends, a café, even a product. An alignment raises the chances of success between parties, while a mismatch is the start of a bad relationship.

Here's mine.

Learn Through Curiosity.

I never take content and research at its face value - there must be logic and reasoning behind the material we find. What a blessing it is to live in the age of Google.

Be Relentless.

People call me the worst driver ever. Dual meanings. (1) I don't have a driving license. (2) When I am driven, the team I am working with is driven relentlessly towards making things happen.

Different > Better.

There will always be someone smarter, someone prettier, someone with more charisma, etc. But there will never be another me. Being different is always better than being better. 

Put Others First.

The surest way of getting success is to help others achieve their success first. And by doing that, you help to light a candle that goes on to light many others, including of course, your own.

Validate Rapidly.

With everything, from startups to stories, programmes to pitches, keep testing. Talk to people. Share ideas freely. Prototype and send the work out. Feedback is the highest value you can receive early.

Enchant With Stories.

We are all inclined to listening to stories. We watch movies, we read books, we get stuck on House Of Cards and Game Of Thrones. Make every interaction a story to tell.

Dream Big, Start Small.

I dream of making a difference to the world and leaving a legacy that serves others long after I'm gone. But the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Commit 100%.

Never give anything less than your best. No one deserves your absolute 'bestest' foot forward more than yourself. Since you've decided to take it on, take it all the way and never hold back.

Always ask "What If?"

The great dreamers and doers of our era never stopped asking "what if", and we are not going to stop now. Possibilities are endless when talented people dare to ask each other: "What if?"


A movement known as "Get Your Shit Done" that embodies perfectly how I choose to conduct my daily work. Simple summary: Don't let someone else wait for your part of the work.